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Storage of seasonal items


Every season designers release new collections, more modern models of cultivators for the countryside are released, and we find new hobbies. For a comfortable daily life we all need a lot of things, but having free space is no less important. If you notice that the balcony is gradually filling up with sports equipment, and there is not a single free centimeter left in the closet, the seasonal storage service in Tallinn will help you.

The seasonal storage warehouses from the SpaceHub company are boxes of various sizes that you can rent for any period from 1 month. This space will become your personal, albeit temporary, back room. Access to the warehouse is carried out around the clock without prior call, which means that you can add or take away any thing when you need it.

Seasonal items include primarily clothing, camping equipment, bicycles, snowboards and other sports equipment.

We need all of these items up to three months out of the year, and the rest of the time they are just gathering dust on the mezzanine. Also, the conditions in our warehouses are great for seasonal tire storage.

Storage of seasonal items

Still not sure what unit size you need?

Small units are the best option to store valuables you might want to keep from theft or water damage when you are in vacation or business trip, or personal belongings you don’t need at the moment.

Usually they store:

  • ‐ tires
  • ‐ sport equipment
  • ‐ home appliances
  • ‐ baby stuff
  • ‐ household items
  • ‐ cottage equipment

Medium size units are the best for storage of personal belongings and furniture during a move or renovation. Such unit size is also good for storing equipment and goods of a small company.

Usually they store:

  • ‐ dismantled furniture
  • ‐ internet shop goods
  • ‐ exhibition props
  • ‐ archives and card catalogs
  • ‐ household items
  • ‐ office equipment

If you have to use a truck or lorry for delivering all your stuff – then you better start looking for L-sized units. These units are the perfect choice for an e-shop warehouse.

Usually they store:

  • ‐ big company archives
  • ‐ bulky equipment
  • ‐ office furniture and appliances
  • ‐ 100+ pcs of medium-sized goods

Why do clients choose SpaceHub?

We provide great services and care in our self-storage facilities. Enjoy our practical and handy holder systems and all necessary packing materials
  • Any period of storage
  • Temperature’s always above 15°С
  • 24/7 CCTV
  • Digital security system
  • Regular cleaning
  • Storage units are up to 2.3 meters high
  • Around the clock access to the facility

SpaceHub facilities addresses

Convenient Storage facility is in a great location in Dubai near a road interchange. We provide excellent customer service and easy access anytime 24/7. Rent a self-storage unit for a unique price right now

Additional service

One of our main tasks is customer comfort, and we try to provide it from the first call to our company.We offer not only seasonal storage of things, but also additional service from a partner company.Proven transport company will do all the work on a turnkey basis. Professional furniture collectors and loaders will pack all things, if necessary - disassemble furniture, then put everything in the boxing with maximum economy of space. After storage ends, they will return everything to its original condition. They are professionals who always arrive on time and bear full material responsibility for your belongings.

Beneficial prices

Prices for seasonal storage start from 22 Euro per month, which is much lower than the average price to rent storage boxes at a similar level. The final price is calculated individually for each case based on the size of the unit and the rental period. Want to save money? Call our managers and find out about current promotions. We regularly offer discounts for the first month or in case of signing a contract for a long term.

Still have questions?

What SpaceHub self storage facilities are?
Each SpaceHub facility is a well heated and dry premise equipped with units of different sizes that can be rented for storage of any kind of items for 1 month or more.
What storage condition are being held in the facilities?
All the SpaceHub facilities are being cleaned regularly and temperature/humidity level are constant all the time.
What is an attic unit?
Attic units are located above the floor level, usually around 2 meters or higher. You can access those by using movable ladder-platforms available for all the clients.
What time can I visit the facility and use my unit?
We are striving to make the process of unit usage as comfortable as possible, that is why all SpaceHub facilities work around the clock and without holidays. Visit your unit any time you want as it was your personal storage room, bring and take out stuff when it is convenient for you.
Can I visit and check out the unit before the contract conclusion?
You can come and see for yourself how it is arranged at SpaceHub facilities and in each specific unit. For that you are going to need to book a guest visit by filling in the enquiry on the page of the unit you are interested in. After the contact details are filled in, you will receive an SMS with onetime PIN-code that grants you access to desired facility. The code will expire in 24 hours after receival.
What is the minimum and maximum rental period?
You can rent a unit for any period, but not less than for 1 month.
The rental contract is being concluded for 11 months by default, with automatic prolongation till the moment you decide to terminate it.
Do I have to conclude the contract before bringing my stuff or I can do it the same day?
It is not necessary to sign the contract upfront. You can conclude it any time online, on the day you want to begin your storage at SpaceHub.
I urgently need more space. What to do?
If for some reasons you will need a bigger or smaller unit, switch the location to another facility with another pricing you can always ask for help at SpaceHub Care Service Mon-Fri 10:00 - 19:00. Sat-Sun 12:00 - 19:00. Closed on 1st and 2nd January 2024. Our specialists will gladly help you to pick another unit and renew the rental contract.

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