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How to choose a unit?

For online shops

Building your own retail business requiers extreme flexability and ability to find the best solutions, that’s why we can help you with that:

  • Wholesale purchasing with further allocation on self storage facility often gives the opportunity to save money due to the scale
  • Renting and using a small unit from SpaceHub is way easier and more beneficial compared to establishing your own warehouse
  • Holding wares on multiple SpaceHub facilities gives you the opportunity to improve the logistics and helps to focus on the quick delivery to any location in Tallinn.
  • You can shrink or enlarge the space you need depending on the general loading rate and it helps to avoid losses from idling
For small and medium businesses

Rent a mini-warehouse to extend the possibilities of your business and improve cost-savings. SpaceHub self storage services can be of help exactly for your company if:

  • you need to store advertising materials before massive PR campaign
  • a contractor refuses to collect part of produced wares that is nowhere to keep
  • you need to move to another office but the place is not yet found
  • you received a batch of machinery, but the installation and configuration is being late
  • you have to empty the office from temporary unwanted furniture
For companies with large archive or document circulation

Storing documents at SpaceHub is a perfect alternative to office space and most importantly - it is much cheaper! Rent one or a couple of units and equip them with racks for archives and documents.

  • Renting a mini-warehouse allows to save the costs due to the difference between the rates for warehouse and office spaces
  • SpaceHub units are equipped with temperature and humidity control systems, thus all the documents will always have presentable appearance: white and untouched
  • Archive storage beyond the small office grants less amount of dust in the air, improves labour conditions and increases employees productivity
Choosing a facility
We provide a wide variety of facilities for you to choose the one that fits perfectly for your needs
Don’t worry about security. When choosing a facility focus on other features, because all the SpaceHub premises are equipped with CCTV, fire alarm and temperature and humidity control systems.
Distance from home and working hours

You can find our facilities all over the city: downtown, residential areas on the outskirts.

If you plan to visit your unit frequently you may consider a 24-hour facility located in the vicinity of your home or closest metro station. If the location or working hours are not so important we recommend to look for the best offers throughout all the facilities, you may find quite a pleasant price!

Unmanned facility or with a manager?

You can choose a facility by the type of its autonomy

  • By choosing a completely unmanned facility you will get a unit equipped with electronic access system running on personal PIN-codes

  • Units in the facilities with managers are being locked with a padlock, which can be purchased upon the arrival to the office.

More features

You need a parking lot by the facility? Or to be able to drive into the facility and have your car parked right by the unit? Want to know where to find the biggest or smallest units?

Go to advanced search with filters for the required features on the Units and prices page.

SpaceHub facilities addresses

Rent a self storage unit for a unique price right now
Choosing a unit
Unit location

Pay attention to the number of floors and location of the unit in the facility. Apart from standart units we have attic ones - small units on the second level, built above the standart units. They are perfect for storage of small-size things.

Our goal is to make usage of any kinds of units as comfortable as possible:

  • We have cargo elevators in all the multistorey facilities

  • Ladder-platforms at your disposal in the facilities with attic units

Unit size

In order to find out the required size of a unit, which will be enough to fit in all the contents from your apartment, make use of Self storage golden rule:

Divide the area of your apartment by 10 and then add up the space of the furniture you can’t dismantle to the result: like a kitchen set, a sofa or a bookcase.

  • Except the height and area, don’t forget to count in the size of unit’s door frame

Our managers will help you to calculate the required size of the unit with precision!
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Still not sure what unit size you need?

Small units are the best option to store valuables you might want to keep from theft or water damage when you are in vacation or business trip, or personal belongings you don’t need at the moment.

Usually they store:

  • ‐ tires
  • ‐ sport equipment
  • ‐ home appliances
  • ‐ baby stuff
  • ‐ household items
  • ‐ cottage equipment

Medium size units are the best for storage of personal belongings and furniture during a move or renovation. Such unit size is also good for storing equipment and goods of a small company.

Usually they store:

  • ‐ dismantled furniture
  • ‐ internet shop goods
  • ‐ exhibition props
  • ‐ archives and card catalogs
  • ‐ household items
  • ‐ office equipment

If you have to use a truck or lorry for delivering all your stuff – then you better start looking for L-sized units. These units are the perfect choice for an e-shop warehouse.

Usually they store:

  • ‐ big company archives
  • ‐ bulky equipment
  • ‐ office furniture and appliances
  • ‐ 100+ pcs of medium-sized goods
SpaceHub is made for your comfort, including financial!

If you make a mistake in your calculations and rent a unit which is too small or too big it is not a problem. Our managers will help you to find a proper one and rearrange the rental contract.

  • You can always count on SpaceHub support

    if for whatever reason you need a bigger or smaller unit, unit with different price or even one in another facility.

Come for a guest visit
Do you want to see with your own eyes, how it all works
in our facilities, before entering into a rental contract?
Apply for a guest visit:
  • Choose a required facility and any available unit in it
  • Fill in all the contact details
  • Receive an SMS with a single-use access code for the facility
  • Visit the facility at anytime within 24 hours
Contract and payment
We simplified and quickened the process of unit renting. You need to complete only 3 steps before getting access to the rented unit!
Choose a unit you want
to rent
Choose a unit
Choose the rate:
- for 1 month
- for 6 months
- yearly
Pay for the services:
- online with a credit card
- via bank account
Receive an SMS
with a personal code to access the facility
and your unit in case of choosing
the unmanned facility
Still have questions? We will give the answers in no time!
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Storage examples
You don’t know how to store your things efficiently? We will share our guides and tips with you, for all the occasions.

What is prohibited to store?

By concluding a rental contract you are giving consent for these conditions and accepting full responsibility for the content of your unit
Toxic and radioactive substances
Money and securities
Items prohibited for possession in Estonia
Flora and fauna
Weapons and explosive substances
Materials that give off smoke or odor
Drugs in any form
Flammable materials and liquids

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