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SpaceHub – is your personal warehouse in Tallinn with excellent internet service. We offer you a personal sorage with 24/7 access for temporary or permanent storage of your personal belongings. Contract for every period and units from large to cheap in the center of Tallinn..

Why do clients choose SpaceHub?

We provide high quality services and care in our self storage facilities
  • Any period of storage
  • 24/7 CCTV
  • Digital security system
  • Regular cleaning
  • Storage units are up to 2.1 meters high
  • Around the clock access to the facility

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Who benefits from temporary storage of furniture in Tallinn?

It is reliable. There are temperature and humidity control sensors in the storage. With their help, the optimal level of humidity and temperature is maintained even for the storage of the most capricious household items. You can safely leave expensive furniture and equipment here - conditions which are created in the storage are difficult to provide in a rental apartment, office or garage.

It is universal. Customers who have rented storage for the first time often extend the contract. The convenience of this service will quickly become apparent to them. It is a great solution for cottage owners, drivers, athletes, couples with several children, travelers who are afraid to leave valuable property unattended. Units are often rented for the whole family. And each member finds the most comfortable place for what is important and valuable to him. Camping tents, bicycles, snowboards and extra clothes no longer take up space in the home territory. Everyone is happy and can pursue their hobbies without restriction, even if it requires a fourth dinghy.

It is secure. Items in your unit are under 24/7 video surveillance. Each unit is protected by an alarm system and an individual key, and the surrounding territory is guarded. The entire logistics center is equipped with modern fire safety systems. And employees are instructed once a quarter on how to behave in the event of a fire.

This is profitable. An alternative to Self Storage when placing property can only be housing rented for this purpose. But even a large unit, booked for a year or more, will be inexpensive compared to renting an apartment. Another budget option is to place the cargo in a Class D warehouse or in a garage. But they do not create suitable conditions for storage. Things can be damaged or stolen, and the rent will be no less than in comfortable units.

Did you know?

The Self Storage format (“luggage storage”) came to us from the USA. In recent years, it has become so popular that, according to statistics, every third American family used it at least once.

4 Surprising Reasons to Rent a unit for storage.

Everyone agrees that there is no place in the house for objects that you do not use.

Psychologists say that with an excess of furniture and things, people instinctively feel anxiety and a desire to change something. Without realizing what it is connected with, a person automatically transfers irritation to loved ones. And just something you need to unload the mezzanine, free cabinets and balconies.

Designers, working in the Feng Shui approach, believe that by turning the house into a warehouse for storing things, we create a stagnation of energy with our own hands. The home should be filled with what we use right now! By the way, from the point of view of the ancient Chinese science of space, the more unnecessary things a person has, the less money comes to him.

Doctors claim that excess personal items accumulate dust, become allergy provocateurs, and often a source of infections. Some types of viruses brought from the street with bicycles, balls, longboards and country equipment are able to remain viable for more than six months. And clothes, blankets and other soft belongings absorb vapors from the air and reduce the humidity level in the room. From this, the immunity to SARS decreases in those living in the house.

Teambuilders assure that the team resolves issues faster and interacts with customers more effectively when their workplaces are equipped with only the most necessary.

Have you ever thought about the benefits of storage for personal belongings?

How to rent a storage unit?

We digitized all the rental process routines.

Save your time and rent a unit in the mobile app or through our website with intuitive functionality. Our operators will help you with every step.

Pick a unit online or call our operator

Conclude the contract and pay the invoice

Get a pin code to access the facility

Take your stuff to the facility

Make use of your unit at any time without pre-call, as if it was your very own storeroom

The advantages of renting a storage unit with us:

  • Autonomous access system allows you to get to the unit at any time of the day and night. We give an advantage - for a visit at night, you do not need to get a pass or coordinate a visit with anyone.
  • You can reserve a unit for yourself for 3 days. If during this period your circumstances change, we will not charge a cancellation fee.
  • Our prices are lower than the market average in the segment with the same level of equipment.
  • We have excellent conditions for the safety of your items, we maintain cleanliness, we use new storage equipment. You can pick up, return, add new items whenever you want. Even at night you do not need a pass or a preliminary call.
  • You pay only for those square meters that you need. We have available to rent standard units from 1 to 20 m² with a ceiling height of up to 3.2 m. We also have a choice of non-standard units.
  • The warehouse for storing personal items is conveniently located in the city center. Comfortable access roads and a well-thought-out loading and unloading interchange on the territory will make the delivery of cargo a matter of a few minutes.
  • We are ready to provide everything you need for high-quality packing: boxes, adhesive tape, packaging tape, bubble wrap, etc. As well as a suspension and holder system for ergonomic use of space.
  • Customer oriented service is our strength. The staff is helpful and aimed to realize the main task - to make you feel comfortable from the moment you first call us.
  • At any time, it is possible to rent a personal unit with a larger or smaller area. You choose the period of use of the unit yourself - from 1 month to several years.